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Sasha's Story:

Little Mr. Char-Char also received quite the healing last week!!

My son Charlie has gone on 7 years now of SO many issues. You can read his full story at But, mostly his issues revolve around digestive problems, lack of growth (failure to thrive, developmental delays, and finally his diagnosis of Sensory Integration Disorder. Sensory Integration Disorder, is on the Autistic Spectrum.

For 7 years, life has been a constant struggle in just the every day routine of being a little boy. Everything that should come so natural and easy, has been a tremendous struggle for Char. He never wanted to eat, he got extremely bothered by sensations, he had a HARD time talking, he struggled with eye contact. Even more scary, was things like depth perception – he would jump into 12 ft. of water with no fear & not know how to swim. Another thing that has always bothered me, was his inability to understand what physically hurt other people or his doggy. In the last year, his tantrums had gotten so much worse and he was displaying so much anger. His teacher was worried about his progress in school and ability to assimilate into the classroom activities.

A few months ago, my sister Sarah, discovered the GAPS diet for my neice Gabby. As we learned that the diet was helpful for children on the Autistic Spectrum, daddy and I prayed if it would also be right step for Charlie. As Gabby started the diet in January, so did Charlie. He actually started on the full aspect of the diet and immediately did great! We were shocked. He went from never eating, to eating: fruits, vegetables, meats, and probiotic foods. He was actually eating ravenously! It was so exciting to see just one aspect of his life improve!! Then, a few weeks ago during spring break, Charlie went through the “intro” part of the diet. Intro, is a very intense phase of the diet that seals the gut so it is no longer leaky. It is so intense because, it aggressively detoxes the body as it builds it back up. This was a really scary week for mom & dad as it can make the body a bit sick as it detoxes. We prayed and prayed that God would have His hand on Charlie but, ultimately be the Healer of our little boy.

That same week, Gabby and her little friend Gracie got prayed for healing by a pastor named Gregory, who is here from India. As both girls received immediate healing, Sarah asked if we would like Charlie to be ministered to as well. Of course! Let’s kick this thing for good! Pastor had agreed to pray with us that Thursday (the Thursday before Easter).

Charlie was excited ALL day to meet pastor As Gregory met with us, Charlie sat so calmly, listening to all of the healing promises that pastor was speaking over him… Charlie – calm!! I watched my little boy sit there with a receptive heart and take for himself what Jesus was had for him.

A pivotal moment in his story. Where he went from being plagued by fog, confusion, and stunted growth. To what is hard to put into words…like his battery got jumpstarted. The fog has lifted.

MY SON makes eye contact, speaks clearly, is calm, does NOT have sensory issues, AND has gained 4 POUNDS.
Everyone around him is astounded by the difference. It’s like someone picked up my kid for a couple years and brought him back a different boy!! He even told his grandma that he was healed! She asked how he knew that? With eye contact, he replied “I got warm all over & then I was tingly like a popsicle!”

Our days now start with PEACE and we can transition through normal, every day steps without World War 3!

This past week, as Charlie went back to school after spring break, we were able to witness one of the most moving moments of our lives. For those of you who know anyone with Autism, you know that it is common for the understanding of compassion to be lacking.

One morning, as we arrived to school, I turned to see that Charlie was not by my side. I looked around and finally spotted him. He had gone over to a girl in a wheelchair & just had his hand rested on hers. It was just a moment in time that I realized the Love of God is always given to us – so that we can give it to others. And, that is what my little boy was doing!



Mary & Gregory Englert are Senior Pastors of

  Final Harvest Church, India
  [Located:Dimapur, Nagaland-Northeast India]

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  They are the very blessed parents of 3 children:
  Sarah, Hadassah & Jeremiah.

  Impacting Nagaland with the Gospel thru:
  Military Teams~ Military Forces & Police Training Schools
  Feed The Hungry Teams~ to the Poor & Hungry
  Street Outreach Teams~ to the Lost & Hurting
  SuperKidz Academy~ Nursery, Pre-Kg & Kg Education

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