Welcome to the official website Of Day & Night International Ministries, the ministry of Evangelist Gregory A Englert & The Dani Team!


For over eighteen years Day & Night International has been instrumental in reaching the un-reached peoples of India, Asia & China with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thru open air meetings held in villages & towns where most have never even heard of the name Jesus, the cross is preached with simplicity & the power of god demonstrated as people believe on Jesus


India, who boasts of worshiping more than 300,000,000 ‘gods’, is indeed ripe for the final harvest of precious souls! The Lord is gracious, wonderfully demonstrating His reality & love to the people by granting healings, signs & wonders, as prayers are made in his name. There is nothing like it… bringing light into darkness… and reconnecting people with their loving Creator. Since most of India’s 1 billion plus population dwell in rural districts tending to rice paddies, farms, cattle & such, the Dani Team has dedicated their efforts to reaching these precious souls. Before jesus returns, this gospel shall be preached… and all will hear, whether it be face to face, radio or tv broadcasts, dropping leaflets by helicopter… everyone shall hear! Then, we can all go home. But, before we leave this planet, the daniteam prays that they may be able to utilize each one of these means in getting the word out to the un-reached!


About Gregory A. Englert

Born in Venezuela & raised in New York… his path has been much like that of his ancestor, father Abraham, obeying the leadings of the Lord not knowing where he was going. Gregory had spent six years in the Marine Corps then another six years as a licensed nurse, never dreaming that he would be serving the Lord in India, marrying an Indian citizen, or harvesting precious souls, in such a wondrous place. Yet, the Lord’s will is being done. It is... Heaven’s assignment.  

India, Asia & China... Shall be saved!

In 1997, the Lord began to reveal Himself to brother Gregory in answer to earnestly seeking him thru fasted prayers. Step by step Lord Jesus revealed his will to go to India, who to marry, and, in 2008, Jesus said 'go to Nagaland! You will have a mighty harvest of precious souls!' yes, draw near to god and he will draw near to you is true, indeed!

Prior to & after being divinely assigned to reaching the lost in India.

The Lord had trained his servant in a variety of ways, under the wonderful gift ministries of:

Dr. Dgs Dhinakaran (Jesus Calls Ministry) ~ the gifts of the spirit, healing

Charles & Frances Hunter ~ how to heal the sick classes

Tl & Daisy Osborn ~ platform preaching, healing the sick, faith

Reinhard Bonnke ~ platform preaching, healing the sick, faith

And so, many, many more servants of God who inspired & encouraged him upward.


About Mary l. Englert

Born in the far northeast region of India, Nagaland, below China.

Her nominal Christian life was interrupted as she began to attend spirit of faith church, pastored by John Roughton, another American missionary, who also married a Naga woman. Mary was taught to place her complete faith in god’s word, thus, revolutionizing her life. She was like a sponge for the things of god, and, it wasn’t long before mary was assisting in the children’s fellowships helping wherever needed. Soon afterward, in the timing of God & unbeknownst to mary, God revealed her husband-to-be, while attending a Reinhard Bonnke crusade, in the mountains of Shillong, Meghalaya! And the rest is… history 


Gregory & Mary Englert

Are the very blessed parents of two wonderful daughters, Sarah Jessica & Hadassah Aimee, and, their beautiful son, Jeremiah Nathan! All praises... Be to God, forever!