For thus saith the LORD of hosts,

Yet once, it is a little while,

and I will shake the heavens, and.

the earth, and the sea, and the dry land.

And, the Glory of this latter house

shall be greater than of the former.

                   Haggai 2: 6,9

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 My Dear Precious Friends,

In the year 2014, God chose to AWAKEN me to His EndTime Calendar of events, involving:
the Transformation of His Church and dramatic Global Changes to come.
It’s God’s plan, NOT, ‘guesswork’.

Yes, the Great Almighty God has purposed to gain mankind’s attention through shaking up this world in which we live, so that they may turn to salvation through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Everything that man trusts in shall be 'shaken', to help them look up to God.

The videos & the article WILL grant concise revelation on:
The coming Israel / Iran war & the dividing of Jerusalem
The Transformation of His Church & Final Harvest of Souls
The coming Gobal Changes & How to Prepare

Plus, what the NEXT 7 years will look like & who the major players are.

God Bless & Keep You All

Pstr g
Nagaland, India
Final Harvest Church