When God spoke, “Go To Nagaland”,  we had NO idea we would be doing ALL that we do right now.
We simply started going to the streets with the message of Jesus’ sacrifice for sins & praying for the sick.
We needed a team to help out with things, and, soon we called it The DANI Team.




The Team went out to help people connect with Jesus, and, to rise up and DREAM AGAIN!  

Sundays, those who wanted to be part of what we were doing gathered so we started Final Harvest Church.

The FHC focus is on BEING Christ like and helping others wherever they are needy. Love Your Neighbor and Feed the Hungry are two successful outreaches where we can SHOW Christ in action, to hurting people.


Pstr Mary expends her energies to BUILD, groom, and, train her people starting with the very young,
Champion Kidz, to the teens’ Xtreme Youth, who have graduated into their own ministries & business ventures.

Pstr G went to the Streets, Hospitals, Military, Police & Prisons, to Reach the Lost & Encourage the Saved.