Levi's FamilyTestimony [Canada]:

Our journey with FPIES started in March of 2010. We came home with our 3rd babe, Levi.
He, like our other 2, started with "colic" at 3 weeks of age. He vomited more than he didn't. Soaking his clothes and mine with puke several times a day.

The 3 different reflux meds that doctors prescribed, kept the screaming pain to a minimum. He barely slept.
For over 2 years we woke up every 2 hours, often more.

Our first shock reaction to food was at 6 months of age. It happened again 3 times after.
I then vowed to never feed him again, until someone told me what was "wrong" with him.

We got our FPIES diagnosis 3 days before Christmas in 2010. I was still optimistic that we would be okay.
We would get him on a medicinal formula and then onto food.
Thing is, he reacted to the formula within 3 tsp of it, given over a 3 day time span.

Then we started in with the respiratory issues of FPIES, along with the vomit, and mucous filled diapers, we were diagnosed with pneumonia 3 times.
His lungs would flood with mucous after a new food. He would vomit up the antibiotics given to help it.
An accidental intake of apple juice, from his brothers cup landed us in the hospital for 5 days.

I nursed him for over 2 and half years on a diet of 10 items. Only then was he not in a "reactive" state.
We started the GAPS diet 3 times, before I had to get really brave and start pushing through the "reaction" type detox the diet had on the body.
We worked very closely with a naturopath, and within 8 months we had a beautiful menu of 20 or so things.

The GAPS diet did a lot of amazing things for Levi. I truly believe it was where God led us to begin our journey with feeding Levi.
We still suffered with a lot of respiratory issues. He would often get a very wet "drowning in mucous" cough, or a very dry "barking seal" cough
within a few hours of eating a new food. It sometimes would last for a few weeks, and we would keep it at bay from seeing a doctor with natural remedies.

He would also start waking up 3 to 4 times a night when a new food was introduced. I would constantly be "pulling back" on the amount of food given,
and then painfully slow we would work our way up to a larger amount. This is how we have fed Levi for over a year: 1 teaspoon a day of a new food,
or sometimes even starting it every other day. Adding more and then scaling back when he seemed to be struggling with it.
Some foods we could move quite quickly, others not. We would always push through, even if it took us a month for him to be eating a small portion of
something everyday. Because of all this, I began to fear food. The thought of starting "food trials" would fill me with anxiety and fear,
often making me "stick or stay" with what we had because it was easier that way.

When we came home from a holiday, I got some really crazy emails. Little babies who were just starting the GAPS diet, because they too were as sick as Levi.
Were HEALED. Supernaturally healed. Miraculously healed. I wasn't really into "healers". I was very skeptical. I did know one thing......
I knew that even if I had a "healer" pray for Levi, I would NEVER be brave enough to just start feeding him. EVER.

That honestly blew me out of the water. I was in AWE of those mamas. I dropped them a few notes, and asked them just that. They asked me to connect with Pastor G.
I still wasn't so sure, so I asked them to pray for me. They gave Pastor G my email address.

What happened next has changed our lives... Our faith has been blown out of the water. Pastor G wrote me a note that asked me to read the book of Mark and to pray for a "child like faith".
To pray Mark 9:24 "I do believe, but help me not to doubt". Because I had a lot of it. Doubt. and Fear. I still can struggle with them.

He asked us to fast and pray. So we did that. It was a very emotional few days for me. I was exhausted. I was nervous.
I didn't want to tell anyone, for fear that they would think I was crazy. Maybe I am. All I know is that I am crazy happy.

We talked with Pastor G. We studied the word together. The Bible has become more real to me than it ever has before.
A love letter written just for me. And you. Filled with promises that He never breaks.

Levi... is healed! No joke. In the last week we have offered him one thing after another. Peanut Butter. Strawberry Jam. Almond flour Chocolate Chip cookies.
Bacon..... from a farm I DIDN'T source!!! Yogurt. Butter. Cheese. Goat Milk. Watermelon. Strawberries. MANY other things.
Oh yeah and APPLES..... remember them? Hospital stay. 5 days. Homemade Oatmeal Muffins?!?! Oats had us in the ER and then rushed to another hospital.
Rice. Another ER trip. ALL OF THOSE THINGS He is eating. Everyday!

There is no mucous, and no cough! I could also tell you how he has given up napping in the day, his energy has increased. He for the most of it, he is sleeping through the night.
His laughter is often. When we ask him who healed his belly he answers with "Amen".

He knows. Levi knew before we even prayed with Pastor G. He would bring me food, and point to his belly and say "Ya....Me".

God is real. He loves you. No... adores you. He wants all of those "chains that weigh you down" and He wants to break them.
He wants you to live in His FREEDOM. Glorious Freedom. He already looks at you as perfect and whole.
He already paid the price for everything on that Beautiful Scandalous Night.
"He was wounded for our rebellious acts. He was crushed for our sins. He was punished so that we could have peace,
And we received healing from his wounds. Isaiah 53:5

Truth be told. I am still in awe, maybe I always will be. We have been blessed with a huge MIRACLE.
I still can be swamped with doubt, but it is leaving everyday.

Jesus' name is Holy. It is powerful. It is a name... I love.