Feb 2014, Baby Raphael was healed of FPIES. Here's his story:

We are so excited to be writing this testimony, and, we pray that it blesses and encourages someone who is believing for healing!

After enduring a difficult time with morning sickness, low blood pressure, gestational diabetes and uterus cramping,
finally we had something to be excited about!! Our 20 weeks Ultrasound to know the sex of our baby. As I lay there on that hard mattress bed,
with a big smile on my face, I anticipated who would win, my husband or I. We had agreed that if the baby was a girl my husband would name her
and if it was a boy I would name him.

My husband had been convinced from my morning sickness that it was a girl.He said that I had not been sick with our first boy, therefore, this time it was a girl.
My husband was so excited he had started buying girl clothes and I was so ready to laugh if he was wrong. My smile was growing wider and wider as
we were waiting for the news of the sex of the baby, the smile slowly turned into a sad face, as I realized that it was taking longer than usual to finish.
As the technician left the room for the second time my husband and I looked at each - he advised me that he'd noticed that they had collected multiple pictures
of the same area, but, he was not sure what that meant and we were getting worried by the second.

When the Ultrasound technician returned and took several more pictures of the baby, she called several other specialists before we could be told what was going on.
After about 45 minutes, the Radiology Specialist came in and told us that our baby had a cyst in his liver and would need surgery as soon as he was born.
Our hearts sank and immediately, but, we knew that this was a spiritual war. We began to pray and send prayer requests to our family, church and friends.
Our only hope was in Christ Jesus, we knew that God would heal our son.

We named him Raphael (God Heals) Myron (holy place). The rest of the pregnancy was filled with hospital appointments for me and the baby,
but, as the pregnancy progressed, we had multiple hospital appointments, with the diagnosis of the cyst changing with each ultrasound.
It was as if the Doctors were mentally disturbed - they could not figure out what was happening. Another ultrasound was done and finally no cyst could be found!!
We rejoiced and praised God for hearing our prayer and we moved on from having about 5 appointments /week to 2/week. This was such a relief.

On Saturday June 8th, Raphael was born.What a joy it was to receive our second blessing from the Lord! 3 days went past and the baby had not passed the meconium.
He started to vomit bile and immediately the medical team knew that there was something abnormal with his digestive system.
Many tests were run and eventually they came to a conclusion that Raphael had a blockage in his bowels. The only way to correct the blockage was surgery we were told.
The surgeon came, met with us and explained how he was going to cut a section of our baby's small intestine and how he would heal.
Then the procedure would be done again to reconnect the bowels after a few weeks.

Raphael had his first surgery on June 13th, followed by 1 more resection surgery. He stayed in the hospital for 3 months and his discharge day was such a joyful day for us.

In October he was admitted to Hospital again after we had fed him with formula. He was vomiting ALOT with very water like diarrhea, weakness and was dehydratiing.
The dctors thought he had a lactose intolerance therefore they suggested soy milk as a substitute.
After feeding him on soy milk for a day, he started to pass ALOT of blood in his diapers. He lost a lot of blood and his body began to shock, he required a blood transfusion
and was rushed to the Operating room for an exploratory surgery. Thank God that nothing abnormal was found during the surgery but left the medical team puzzled.

After surgery, Raphael was nursed in Intensive care and at that time he was the sickest child in the whole unit, BUT, GOD…….!!!!
He recovered quickly and was moved to the surgical unit within 3 days. He stayed on the surgical unit for 2 months, which was a stressor for our older son,
as I had to live at the Hospital for all the times that Raphael was admitted.

We really thank God for our church and family that stepped in and helped us in such a time as this. The love was so overwhelming.

Introducing solid food was such a challenge. Every time we fed him anything, he would go into a vomiting fit and have watery diarrhea for a few days.
He would cry a lot and hardly slept at night.

We made several ER visits which were long and frustrating. I began to research food allergies and that is when I learned about FPIES.
I told my Dr about this and to my surprise, she was not familiar with this condition. The Dr referred Raphael to the Allergist who confirmed the diagnosis on January 10th 2014.
The Allergist told us that there is no cure or treatment for FPIES and that it was a ‘trial and error’ when it comes to feeding.

As always, our hope remained in the Lord, our faith was being tested but God’s grace was sufficient for us. As I continued to research about this disease,
I came across a mom with a child that had been healed of FPIES. After reading her story, I learned about more moms that experienced the same miracle for their kids.
Immediately I knew that we were next in line for our miracle.

I contacted one of the ladies and she was so lovely and encouraging, she gave me the contact details for Pastor Gregory, in India, who had prayed for her son.
We got in touch with Pastor Greg - he called us [thru Internet webcam] and taught us the word of God concerning Healing! It was such a powerful time.
We grew spiritually in the hours we spoke to Pastor Greg. We had been believers all our life and knew the word but concerning healing we had not experienced and lived them,
at any other moment besides what we were going through now.

After that powerful teaching night, the following day Pastor G and his prayer team prayed over our son via Skype (thank God for technology) and declared that Raphael is Healed!!
For sure our miracle had happened, the following day Raphael drank beef broth with no symptom whatsoever, Amen! He has eaten egg yolk, sweet potato and peanut butter.
We are still introducing more foods and we are so excited and amazed at what God has done for us.

Mark 10:27 says, With man it is impossible, but, NOTHING is impossible with GOD!!
We thank Pastor Gregory for extending his love and compassion towards our family and how he allowed God to use him to minister Healing to our son!
We are beyond happy!!! We are blessed!! We are Healed!! Praise the Lord!!