Baby Malachi Family Testimony:

I was standing in this place, paralyzed with fear. I became scared of food, scared of what all these symptoms my son was having meant.
Would he be okay? Sure, I love the Lord and believed he could heal my son yet I couldn't let the fear go.

When Malachi was 2 months old he was diagnosed with milk and soy protein intolerance. Easy fix they said, cut all dairy and soy out of your diet and
the blood you're seeing in diapers will disappear. This happened and lasted for a month till the blood specs made another grand entrance.

My diet had not changed. I kept a journal of everything I ate, times and amounts. I also kept a journal of times and condition of Malachi's stools.
I managed to figure out it was wheat. Things got better for a couple weeks after eliminating, and, then the diapers got ugly again.
After many different total elimination diets I found one with 8 foods that worked.

He got bad diapers from supposedly hypoallergenic things like sweet potato and rice. When we started solids at 6 months with sweet potato
his diapers got bad and his bottom got a bright allergy ring. I had been blogging our journey and a mom commented and told me about FPIES,
this rare food allergy. Aside from the vomiting to lethargy (which thank God we never experienced) everything else made sense as to what was going on with Malachi.
He may or may not have had this but I met and connected with women going through the same thing as me. Same triggers, same symptoms.
The thing about these issues is the root is all the same. It's torment and it's fear.

I prayed and prayed for the food that is suppose to nourish my son to not be rejected by his body as foreign.
I researched and researched how to make this better, saw every specialist I could even scouted out naturopathic doctors.
We did muscle sensitivity testing and the doctor couldn't believe it... Malachi showed sensitivities to so many foods.
She said she couldn't help us. No one could help me. Each day was a struggle. It was a lonely scary place.
What to eat for myself and what to feed my baby that won't hurt him.

I had started GAPS diet after hearing about it healing the gut. First I tried grass fed beef, 1tsp and Malachi vomited it up and experienced reflux.
I then went to lamb which seemed to be doing good till he lost interest in the same tasting broth after a week. I needed encouragement and as I prayed,
God reminded me of this blog from a Canadian mama, Jocelyn, whose son had FPIES and did GAPS.

Out of curiosity I went to her blog. I began reading her new recent entry. Her son, Levi was HEALED!!!
Thru prayers from a pastor from India. He was now eating foods happily! I could hardly read it with the tears that were flowing from my eyes.
I felt hope, I felt encouraged. I cried out to God, " You can heal Malachi too."

I emailed Jocelyn and she got me connected with pastor Greg and shared other testimonies of babies healed completely of FPIES!
We got a Skype meeting arranged. In our hour and a half meeting he read through the healings in the book of Mark, explaining that healing belongs to us,
and that its the fight of faith we are fighting. He taught us how to use our Christ authority and dispel fear.
We stood together and prayed for Malachi's healing.

Today, less than two weeks later. Malachi has eaten broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, onions, leeks, sauerkraut, garlic, avocado, squash and peas in addition to the lamb meat and broth!
I've added a few things to my diet as well! Malachi has had no discomfort and his diapers are looking normal! The logging of foods and diapers are a thing of the past.
The constant fear, torment and worry is a thing of the past. We are walking out Malachi's healing. Jesus is the answer. Praise God for this miracle!